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Each door undergoes a multi-faceted process, each one
involving a quality inspection.  

1. Inspection and detailed sanding using 3 different gritt sandpapers to
achieve maximum smoothness, which is then followed by a thorough
cleaning and inspection.

2. Stain application is then applied to achieve your desired coloration.  
UV inhibited stains are used to resist color fading over time.

3. Multiple coats of marine spar varnish are applied with light sanding in
between coats to attain as smooth a base as possible before applying
the topcoats.

4. At least three successive topcoat applications of UV-inhibited marine
spar varnish are applied to achieve the desired depth of protection and
sheen.  Marine spar varnish is used on ships and boats built from
natural wood to resist sun and water damage.  It contains aliphatic
urethane, which is an extremely durable commercial wood-finishing
product that exhibits excellent wear characteristics when exposed to
the elements.

5. After these four delicate steps the door will be delivered to the
customer. Payment is recieved upon the customers satisfaction of the
finished product.

Our Specialties:

  • Door Restoration

  • Hardwood Floor Installation / Restoration

  • Antique Furniture Restoration

  • Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

  • All Floor Services, including Tile

  • Glass Repair

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